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Chapel of Saint Aristos

The chapel of Saint Aristos emerges lonely and abandoned on the north side of the village. It is 300 meters away from the main church of the village.

According to some elder inhabitants of the village, the chapel used to be very impressive and caused awe and admiration for its simple but at the same time imposing architecture as well as for its excellent inner decoration. And to be more specific, the inner of this ecclesiastic building was decorated with eighty wall paintings and very old icons.

In older times the chapel was taken care of by monks of the monastery of Oros Sina. The existence of the specific chapel is verified by elder people who remember seeing its ruins.

According to oral tradition, the demolition of the church has taken place after the sold of some farms to a new owner. The owner asked a Turk to realize the demolition and it is said that three days later he died.

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