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Church of Archangel Michael

The church of Archangel Michael is dated back to the late 15th or the early 16th century. Its architecture reveals that the construction of the church had taken place in two different phases.

The church is single-aisled with a pointed arch and a narthex which is even taller that the arch. The lower part of the narthex is older than the arch, but we should note that it is unknown if the narthex is older than the church itself. On the other hand, it is known that the west wall of the church was demolished in order to join the narthex with the church. Due to this demolition, the wall-paintings were destroyed. Some archaeologists, who studied the walls and the remaining parts of the wall-paintings, believe that the entire painting depicted the Second Coming.

The access to the church is made through two entries: the one is placed on the north side of the church and the other one is on the narthex. The inner is decorated with plenty of wall paintings which depict scenes from the Jesus life, the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael. We must note that all the all paintings are characterized by the Byzantine art with very little west influence.

The church ends to an arch which is decorated with six hierarchs divided into two groups, who phase the centre of the arch. The six hierarchs are Spiridon, Gregorios, Chrisostomos, Vasilios, Epifanios, Nikolaos.

The church of Archangel Michael is one of the most important and beautiful ecclesiastic monuments of the island, both from an architectural point of view as well as its inner decoration.

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