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Church of Panagia Eleousa

The church of Panagia Eleousa emerges in the southeast of the village. It is a small church with arches which is dated back to the 16th century.  In 1953, when a catastrophic earthquake happened in the area, the church was seriously damaged. The inhabitants of the village took action very soon and repaired the damages. But even before this earthquake, another part of the church had collapsed.

The inner of the church is decorated with wall-paintings which were made just after the construction of the church, in the 16th century. Some of these paintings, especially those in the arch, are still visible to this day. The wall paintings in the arch of the church are divided into four zones: two wall paintings on the south wall and two on the north part of the arch. On the south part there are also the traces of a wall painting depicting the presentation of Christ in the Temple and the Baptism of Christ, and on the north part traces of wall paintings of which the subject is not identified.

Furthermore, on both the north and south wall there are some figures of Saints (among them Archangel Michael and Saint Nicolas).

We should also mention the two blind arches on the north wall and three more on the south wall which were probably tombs of some members of the community or founders and donators of the church.

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